The book is about three friends, each with his life history. Each has its own character, its own peculiarities and habits. And now, they are going on vacation. Long thought, where to go, and dismiss the options one after the other. Agreed that they will float in the boat trip on the river. It is against the tide. Because, in their opinion, the current sailing only weaklings. With them goes their faithful friend – dog Montmorency.

Throughout history, he reminded me. So smart, insightful and sensitive animals are rarely seen. As soon as they begin to collect the Luggage – there is first the absurdity and controversy. What you should take with you and who will charge fees. But in the end they have is so much, that the boat just does not fit. The two friends are faced with all sorts of ridiculous situations, I think of my youth and argue about any trifles. Each of the friends is incredibly uncomfortable to sleep in the boat to cook and eat strange food, but no one will show it. Each considers himself quite experienced traveler. Friends stop in every village, which is found in their way. They describe to us the village and the local landscape. They get acquainted with different people; and with the same tourists as they are with hotel guests and ordinary residents of small towns, each of which is unique, but so similar to others.

The book is saturated with thin innocuous humor, irony and self-irony, easily. Read in one breath and leaves behind the warmth and comfort. She brings a smile in the gloomy, rainy evenings and Sunny. By far, this is the book that can be reread endlessly throughout life until, until you remember all the stories of our three friends as their own.

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