Second adventure of Holmes and Watson connected with revenge as “a Study in Scarlet”. But here it is presented on the other hand, Mercantile.

Detectives show us what human errors caused by vices lead to. Most often, greed. We all want to be rich, but we don’t have much to do. And other people’s treasures are so seductive and seem so accessible. But “do not bury yourself on someone else’s” – is not just an instruction in education, but a warning. It is impossible to be happy at the trouble of the other, and forcibly withdrawn treasure is a curse that brings fear, deprives sleep and isolates for 7 locks.

This book will appeal to the reader a wonderful story as John met Mary. Although it is impossible to calmly accept certain pages of the biography of Sherlock Holmes. With his sociopathy, arrogance, we can get used to, in exchange, we get his amazing ability to control logic.

But his addiction to drugs … it’s as unpleasant as possible, but damn it, it’s Sherlock! It is ideal in its imperfection. Detective maniac dependent on the investigations of neobhodimosti to get their brains hard to think. Such fee. Sherlock Holmes either love it (as do millions), or his person negatively (there are also many).

Go ahead for the next adventure!

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