In Agatha Christie there are small cycles of stories about Mr. Parker Pyne, Tommy and Tuppence Beresford. The Secret Adversary is the first story about the future spouses Beresford. It tells about how he started the Union of these people. Ended The First World War. Young people, filled with energy and adrenaline, remained out of work. You can call them whatever you like: hunters, adventures, adventurers, it doesn’t matter.

The first client, the first task is to find the girl except the name and except that she was saved from the sinking Lusitania, is not known. And then spun in the best tradition of spy novels.

Adventure novel turned out nice and interesting. And even in this version, Agatha Christie did not give bored. Despite the fact that the list of characters was small, but the author spun the story so that all suspicion falls on the wrong person. The author constantly throws clues that make you think about the correctness of guesses.

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