Hurray! He’s back! Sherlock Holmes is alive and well and not going to rest at all. After a fight with Moriarty at the waterfall, he barely got out of trouble, but managed to return to England. And the tireless detective is accepted for the new portion of investigations.

The reason for the release of this third collection is simple: the writer completely got outraged readers demanding to return the beloved character to life. Finally Doyle not weathered and issued 13 new stories, which included undisputed masterpieces, instantly replicated in the mass culture.

First of all, this is a very well-known short story “Dancing men” about the nuances of encryption mysterious messages. Together with him – “Six Napoleon”, about broken busts of the French Emperor. And also the story about the fate of the villain and blackmailer Charles Augustus Milverton, in which Holmes was punished as it would have done no justice system. And many other amazing stories, the only similarity of which-the story plot and the presence of the great detective. In the rest of the utterly unique history, no replays of. It’s amazing how rich Doyle’s imagination turned out to be, you can only take off your hat as a sign of respect.

Reading the stories of the master, you begin to catch the special effect of his prose. If we analyze all the works about Sherlock without exception, to understand the reason for their incredible popularity, we can come to a simple conclusion: this literature gives us the opportunity to develop. These stories are like a book. They really teach us to think, to move our brains, along the way performing an educational function. From the stories about Holmes, you can learn a lot of interesting and useful information. It’s good to broaden your horizons and educate yourself. They’re full of humanity. They have no seamy side, no dirt, such literature is fully constructive, it awakens in the reader the best of everything.

And for all these qualities, you can regularly re-read Doyle’s stories and give children for mandatory study.

“The Return of Sherlock Holmes” book contains the following thirteen short stories.


  • The Adventure of the Empty House
  • The Adventure of the Norwood Builder
  • The Adventure of the Dancing Men
  • The Adventure of the Politary Cyclist
  • The Adventure of the priory School
  • The Adventure of Black Peter
  • The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton
  • The Adventure of the Six Napoleons
  • The Adventure of the Three Students
  • The Adventure of the Golden Pince-nez
  • The Adventure of the Missing Three-quarter
  • The Adventure of the Abbey Grange
  • The Adventure of the Second Stain

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