Conan Doyle just the progenitor of the entire styles. After the “The Lost World” came out so many books and films with dinosaurs similar to the plot. A “The Poison Belt” is just a classic. Disaster, post-Apocalypse…. without too much drama.

Professor Challenger has collected in his house of his friends on the expedition to the Lost world. He made a new discovery. The planet in the coming catastrophe – the poisoned air. First, its effect is General arousal people: flare up strikes, people just a conflict between a fight. And then comes death. From the poisoned air died out entire cities and countries. The Professor was able to foresee, but not prevent poisoning. He has come up with a way to stay alive longer than others and invites his friends to be history writers during a disaster. Their notes may read only after many thousands of years the people of the new humanity.

The book is read in one breath! “The Poison Belt” and “the Lost world” will become the favorite stories of childhood for many children. So realistically written, that seems all of this could be on fact!

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