The Mysterious Affair at Styles is the first novel in which an acquaintance of readers with nice Belgian Poirot, the famous private investigator. Hastings introduces us to the methods of his work.

At first it seems that Poirot is not quite adequate, something like the mad Hatter. It seems that his questions are irrelevant to the case, and his conclusions drawn from the field of Nowhere. In fact, the brain Poirot arranged in a special way, thinks he’s tricky, but the right and almost brilliant. Unimportant details and small things for him does not happen. All important for any thin thread to pull and pulling a tangle, of course, after a complicated of the steps. Agatha Christie’s criminals are human beings too isn’t simple and stupid, the crimes they commit, everything well thought out. Would you like a Cup of coffee in the estate of Stiles? And maybe cocoa? Maybe poison, gentlemen? Sealed detective.

The family gathered in the estate along with some family friends. There are very wealthy elderly lady, her husband 20 years younger. Oh-Ho, the idea is immediately striking. She’s here on the surface. But it would not be Agatha Christie. She will lead you by the nose, push the idea and then deny you the ability to think deductive method. Although it’s simple! Good, a ginormous detective, where all is not as it seems.

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