The book “The Lost World” is the best example of science fiction. This is a great find for fans of dizzying adventures, dangerous adventures, unexpected meetings and vivid episodic moments.

For schoolchildren, this story will be the best friend and true guide to the world of the unknown and dangerous, exciting and inspiring, revealing hidden reserves in a person and allowing you to find a new yourself – a brave and courageous hero who does not know fear and indecision.

The book clearly and figuratively presents a new world – “the Lost World”, inhabited by prehistoric animals, exotic birds, curious flowers and unexplored monsters.

Bright pictures arise when reading – they come to life and become familiar and real. Variety of animal and plant fauna, along with the author’s beautiful narrative does not get bored.

All this keeps the reader in constant suspense and excitement for the characters, their rapid movements and the dangers they face. All of this maintains interest and attention. Reads easily and quickly. Even the scientific disputes and Professor skirmishes do not distract, but rather satisfy curiosity.

Here so, easily and naturally, with a small proportion of naivety by the author in the end put a comma. After all, the heroes have not yet fully solved all the mysteries of the mysterious plateau and its inhabitants.

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