The marvelous parody to the romantic story and partly on tales of chivalry. Just ingeniously. On the well-known movie by Burton a droplet not probably. In the center of history – a love triangle – the rural coquette Katrina, the merry fellow and the squabbler Brom Bons and the hero interesting us – Ikabod Crane (that is meant, by the way, by “an unfortunate crane”).

Ikabod-smes naivetés and slyness, according to the description of the story-teller. He is extremely superstitious, his favourite book – the treatise about witches, and hobby – to listen to terrifying stories in the company of old men. Especially he is occupied by a legend of Headless Horseman, the gloomy genoese. Also he the fan to eat (oh, it is the separate song as Irving skillfully describes it). Ikabod dreams to marry the rich successor, but, here a trouble, the first guy in the village has already taken notice of her. And once, coming back after a sit-round gathering from the beloved, Ikabod Crane meets the ghost, that Headless Horseman. Remarkably, as several waves of a feather, Irving turns typical mystical story about the ghosts so expensive to heart of romantics into a joke. I give a standing ovation. And the most remarkable that Crane’s disappearance gives food to new superstitions and legends. The main thing as writes how it writes. Irving’s irony is simply matchless. And what descriptions at him. Just one delight.

In the summary it appeared that Irving Vashingtona is considered the pro-father of horrors, he has given rise to all horror films, having specified the beginning of a way to such writer as Edgar Allan Poe. Though, Irving, unfortunately, and close didn’t stand with Poe. Stories by Vashingtona all are constructed by one principle: the company has gathered, have begun to tell tall tales, surely terrible, by the way, all have believed and were terrified, and time night, it is terrible to come back, and that’s it one of them and gets into an awful scrape which was described by one of story-tellers.

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