In English legends there is a legend about a huge black dog, which is person before death. Such a belief still persists in the English speaking world, forcing people to tremble before the dogs with coat color Voronova wing. Arthur Conan Doyle decided to take advantage of this plot.

In book “The Hound of the Baskervilles”, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson investigate the mystical case of the Baskerville family. The curse, which has long been a rumor, again began to operate? After all, there was until the end of the unclear murder of Charles Baskerville… What’s it? The works of the devil or the work of man? This is necessary to understand Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, which plays an important role in this work.

This book is a gem of detective fiction, but now write mysteries is much wiser and more mysterious. But to create a character like Sherlock Holmes, to develop features of his behavior and ways of doing business, that’s very difficult. Can be kind, so, but often people all more or less outstanding literary detectives will be compared to Holmes.

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