“The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes” – the last book about Sherlock Holmes consists of twelve stories. Each story captures the first lines, forcing the reader to try to unravel a tangle of mysterious events. But every time the reader is sure closer to understanding, it is waiting for an unexpected outcome.

The stories of this book are impressive, give vent to imagination, forcing to paint horrifying pictures, and assume the most incredible development of events. The most unusual evidence becomes quite understandable and logical when Holmes gets down to business.

Sir Conan Doyle once again amazes with his ability from absolutely incredible evidence and circumstances to build such a logical and integral explanation that the reader has only one thought: “Well, how could I not guess myself?!”

After reading the book, only one question torments-why did Sherlock Holmes leave the matter of his life? How did he get away from him and live without “games” and real brain activity?

“The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes” book contains the following short stories.


  • The Mazarin Stone
  • The Problem of Thor Bridge
  • The Creeping Man
  • The Sussex Vampire
  • The Three Garridebs
  • The Illustrious Client
  • The Blanched Soldier
  • The Retired Colourman
  • The Three Gables
  • The Lion’s Mane
  • The Veiled Lodger
  • Shoscombe Old Place
  • Professor Challenger

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