In the book Ten Years Later addresses such major themes as the restoration of Royal power in England, the overthrow of the Minister of Finance Fouquet, with great power, and attempt to replace Louis XIV with his twin brother (the Iron Mask).

At the same time before the reader the unfolding development of the relations of the king with the bride of Raul de Bragelone – Louise. And no matter how sorry Raul (although he is too refined a positive character), you still begin to empathize with the feelings of the king and Louise.

In this part not very pleased with the attitude of the Musketeers. I have the feeling that they no longer remember their former friendship, what still friends. Aramis and d’Artagnan lie to each other and underhanded. Kind, but silly Porthos enjoyed by all and Sundry, not even bothering to explain to him what it involved.

Surprised Athos. How could he ban the son from seeing his girlfriend, as he could not understand that unrelenting feeling ten extracts cannot be ignored? And then, for some reason, went to the king to ask permission for the marriage of his son, not hiding the fact that he does not want this marriage…

In General, after reading the trilogy, the conclusion is that of the Musketeers of the greatest sympathy is Porthos. He is not cunning, not twisted, do not operate to prejudice, and does not spoil their life to others. He is kind and unsophisticated and ready, without hesitation, give his life for his friends.

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