The most famous, repeatedly filmed parable Conrad’s “Heart of darkness” continues to influence the minds of people. Work in our time sounds incredibly creepy and true.

Each of his work has a very strong psychological insight. Conrad exposes the secret corners of the human soul, that is akin to the ideas of the existentialists. Any disaster or phenomenon acquires a symbolic and philosophical character, whether a Ghost, a Typhoon or the mysterious darkness of the impassable jungle.

In the story “Heart of darkness” the focus of attention of Konrad – evil. External evil – the jungle, the elements, darkness, evil becomes an internal, primitive, at the level of instincts. Starting the description from the hostile river, aboriginal people, the author gradually shifts the focus on the person, a certain Kurtz, which is the mapping of the hero of Marlowe, his dark corners of the soul. Not the demon, not the person, the character, subordinating the will of others.

Between the narrator-character Marlow and commercial agent Kurtz initially there is a connection, an attraction. As you move deeper into the darkness she is getting closer, and after death, it becomes mystical. Kurtz essentially anticolic Marlowe, his innermost essence, and it looks scary power that can bend not only the will of man, but of the element.

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