The beginning began. A little depressed and amorphous Watson meets a strange, but very interesting character Sherlock Holmes. John’s life at that moment is emptiness, it evicted the terrible memories of war and urgently needed a new, vivid experience. Sherlock is a completely different world, living by its own laws. This Duo is one of the best in the world literature.

This story is about how completely different personalities can make friends and become something important to each other. Arthur Conan Doyle created a hero who can serve as a motivator for all people. Sherlock proves to us how tender laziness we are saving our brains. How do we manage not to notice such important details, which are located right in front of our eyes. Care helps to better understand this difficult world and its different inhabitants. It is necessary to realize to what these or those actions can lead, to develop an inverse scheme, why something turned out this way.

The book “A Study in Scarlet” is about revenge. How forced human life is in someone’s power grasping claws, losing choice. But the beast, humiliated and broken, doesn’t mean broken at all. When the wind of freedom catches up with his exhausted body again, he’ll want justice. But revenge is more of a suicide.

The etymology of the word “Rache” is rooted in the preindo-European language. It comes from the word “wreg-” – “chase.” Revenge always involves a pursuit of someone’s life. But the hunter does not notice that in this pursuit it is also hunted.

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